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Guide to Our Services
Service Mode
KhmerLex’s services vary based on clients’ demands and needs, we
  • provide consultations and advices
  • draft and review all legal forms and documents
  • provide legal representation and due diligence
  • provide legal trainings and researches
  • develop and review draft laws, laws, policies and rule of law projects
  • provide pro bono services (KhmerLex Metta)
Practice Guide
KhmerLex adopts the following service guides:
  • Consultation/Service Inquiry
  • Fee Proposal/ Retainer Agreement 
  • Commencement of Service
Fees Policy
Fee is charged by hourly rate, daily rate or case by case basis. Fee issued by KhmerLex excludes taxes on services required by Cambodian Law on Taxation. Client is required to withhold tax from the agreed legal fee. KhmerLex is not responsible for client’s failure to withhold taxes on services and pay to the government.

Indetermining fees, KhmerLex take the following factors into account:

  1. Experience or expertise of lawyers;
  2. Time required for  the professional service;
  3. Degree of difficulty and importance of the service;
  4. Performance of services that are unusual or require exceptional competence or speed;
  5. Degree of responsibility assumed;
  6. Result where the matter may have involved special difficulties or where the outcome has be uncertain.
Professional Conducts

KhmerLex's lawyers are committed to Code of Conducts of Lawyers and Confidentiality of Client. While practicing laws in Cambodia, we are bound by Kram No. NS/RKM/0895/06 dated August22, 1995 on the promulgation of Law on the Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia, Internal regulation of the Cambodian Bar Association, and Code of Conducts (revised) dated September 21 2012.

The legal information on this site should not be construed as formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney client relationship. This website also contains links to other websites. The inclusion of such links does not constitute referrals or endorsement of any of the linked entities.